5 Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Air Conditioning

5 Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Air Conditioning

Our maintenance packages are tailored to suit your needs and requirements. We can adjust the level of checks as well as the frequency to suit your particular needs. If you are unsure what is needed, we are able to support you and make suggestions, we can adjust to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your contract with us.

We are able to provide manufacturer’s warranty checks on all makes and types of equipment, whether we installed the equipment for you or not. All manufacturers require maintenance by an approved contractor to be carried out in order to qualify for warranty.

This means that companies offering warranty BEYOND the manufacturers warranty are doing so to tie you into a contract with them. At JC Watson, we believe in transparency and will pass to all our clients, the full manufacturers warranty period. This can be with either maintenance included, or excluded as your prefer.

Our care packages cover the smallest of items, to the very largest. We have trained staff able to service and maintain the smallest refrigerated cabinet or air-conditioning system, right up to the largest central chiller plant serving whole buildings or premises.

We are trained and qualified to ensure that all our engineers are able to tackle the 5 key problems you can prevent with Air Conditioning Units by having a maintenance contract:

1. Poor temperature performance – systems which fail to make the desired temperature are the most common cause for complaint. Whilst systems can be complicated, their reasons for not performing correctly can usually be addressed by routine maintenance checks and thorough inspections by our engineers.

2. Inadequate airflow – whether you have an air conditioning system, or a refrigeration system, they both require good airflow to ensure that they work correctly. One of the most common causes of poor airflow is block filters or coils due to lack of maintenance. When taking over existing equipment for the first time, we often find that it has been neglected due to not being regularly maintained.

3. Bad odours – a natural by-product of the “cooling” process is water, from condensation. This forms on the indoor cooling coil and runs into a drip tray before discharging into a drain. Sometimes a pump assists this process. Neglected systems often have a build up of stagnant water and bacteria which forms and builds in the drip tray, drain and pump. This eventually begins to smell and is particularly noticeable when the system id first switched on. A thorough clean of all components by JC Watson with sanitiser and deodoriser will remove any bad smells until the next scheduled visit.

4. Leaking water – there are several reasons why a system may be leaking water, but the most common is by far a blocked drain. This is usually caused by a build up of airborne particles which collect on the indoor coil and get washed by the condensation into the drip tray and drain. If these are not regularly cleaned and maintained then they can build up to a level where the drain becomes blocked or restricted.

5. High energy bills – systems which are not regularly maintained will gradually, over time, perform less and less efficiently. Simply maintaining and cleaning the filters on an air conditioning system can return a saving of between 5% and 15% in energy. In addition to this are the other energy saving benefits that a thorough maintenance regime brings. You can see that a significant improvement in performance and energy use can be quickly returned back to you as a cost saving by having a maintenance regime in place with JC Watson.
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