Variable Refrigerant Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow / Volume

VRF & VRV are the future of energy efficiency, but how does it work?


With up to 64 indoor air conditioning units connected to one outdoor unit, only the minimum amount of energy required for the system to maintain set temperatures to ensure that it shuts off when no occupants are detected in a room.


Working similar to a Multi-Split System, each individual indoor unit determines the amount it needs based on the indoor temperature at that point against what is the requested temperature from the remote control.


The total demand among all indoor units will determine how the outdoor unit adjusts the refrigerant temperature and volume. It does this by supplying only the cooling or heating that is needed, the inverter compressor continues to save a large amount of energy during VRV operation.

VRF & VRV system air conditioning

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Variant Refrigerant Volume (VRV) are commonly regarded as the best solutions for medium to large buildings such as Hospitals, large offices and retail centres. A VRF system is capable of meeting all the heating and cooling demands in these types of buildings in an extremely reliable, efficient and easy to control manner.


VRV and VRF are the same technology just with different terms. They both alternate the refrigerant volume in a system to match a building's exact requirements, this ensures the minimum amount of energy is required for the system to maintain set temperatures and it automatically shuts off when no persons are detected in a room. These technologies offer long term sustainability, whilst reducing carbon emissions and saving money on energy costs.

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