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JC Watson offers a range of AHU and Ventilation Services

JC Watson are here to ensure your air handling units and associated HVAC Equipment are efficient, reliable and safe.
Our specialists can design, install and maintain a wide range of highly efficient, low energy AHU's for your exact chosen application.

Complex Air Management Challenges? We’ll find a way to handle it.


In order to maintain indoor air quality at optimum levels it is essential to have regular routine maintenance carried out by an approved company such as JC Watson.

We can tailor contracts and inspection regimes to suit your needs and compliance with regulation.


Whether you need an existing AHU replaced or whether you are considering having a new system installed. JC Watson can provide you with a full turnkey solution to meet your requirements.
This includes detailed performance design, manufacture and installation on-site including all necessary trades and lifting implications. Following installation we can provide validation, flow rates and temperatures to comply with legislation.


We supply our extensive selection of AHU's that include air barriers, single and twin fan extracts as well as smoke and fire axial and bifurcated fans that we can deliver either individually or along with other products from our portfolio to provide a complete package which meets the demands of your application.


We offer a wide range of energy efficient AHU products, designed for public, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK to ensure air handling units and associated HVAC equipment is efficient, reliable and safe. Through AHU refurbishment and repair, we can extend the usable life and enhance the operational efficiency of your plant and equipment.

Adequate means of filtration can be achieved through UV-C disinfection which helps remove bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from any internal components. This provides a total solution to help keep your HVAC equipment working at maximum efficiency whilst contributing to improved indoor air quality.


Operating across both the public and private sectors, we use our in-depth industry knowledge which allows us to deliver a completely tailored solution. Our AHU's are all designed to fit and work in tandem with your other plant equipment, ensuring compatibility. This allows you to achieve maximum operational efficiency for the custom set points your building environment requires.

Our wide range of AHU's can operate both internally and externally, offering our clients the greatest flexibility possible.

Air Handling Unit Solutions to meet every requirement